Internet and health: tips come from new digital influencers

The evolution of the media world , thanks to the greater diffusion of internet and social media, has changed many aspects of our life: from information to shopping, from food to the world of health . 

Precisely on this last aspect, the ‘ Pharma Digital 2014′ market survey focuses on the synergy between Alter Solution, Digital for Business and Reputation Manager.

With the spread of the internet and social networks, a new figure has emerged in the world of health: ‘the digital influencer’ . There are more and more people who, in addition to consulting a doctor and pharmacist, also seek information and opinions on the Internet. 

For over 70% of the sample the doctor remains the main point of reference , but about 20% of users said that they are influenced by the opinions found on the network. Through forums, thematic portals, blogs and corporate / institutional websites, the web population discusses and defines its own opinions and influences those of others.
A compact, all-in-one product, consisting of a glucometer that can be connected to a smartphone, lancing device, cartridge with 25 strips and a simple and intuitive App: it’s called Dario and it’s the new diabetes control system launched by Harmonium Pharma .Through this device, people with diabetes can track and always have information such as blood glucose measurements, carbohydrate counts and physical activity monitoring, and then share them in real time with their doctor or a loved one.

The data collected by the meter will be constantly synchronized and collected in a single logo, so that you can access it at any time, through the application. Dario is intuitive, simple and helpful for people with diabetes.