Rose essential oil: properties, benefits, uses and contraindications

L ‘ essential oil of rose is one of the most popular because it is extremely delicate and pleasant smell. Always a symbol of femininity and beauty, pink is one of the most popular flowers for women. This essence can be used with great satisfaction in the cosmetic sector, but also aphrodisiac and well-being. It is, as you can imagine, one of the most expensive and precious essences. In fact, tons of petals are needed to obtain only a very small amount of oil.

The most precious essence is that of damask rose and is cultivated in Persia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Turkey and various countries where however there is a temperate climate. Damask rose is used only to create excellent fragrances due to its high cost.

The essence of rose is extracted from the damaescena rose, belonging to the family of rosaceae. It has a soft and delicate floral scent.

Properties of Rose essential oil

1. Harmonize the mind

Rose essential oil is an excellent remedy when it comes to intervening on the mood. If you happen to be a little too nervous and stressed out you may want to consider using it. It helps to keep negative thoughts away which generate negative emotions. Have you noticed how, when your mood worsens, you are no longer able to concentrate well and at work and personal level you are affected? It is as if your life was absorbed by a vortex of negativity. Rose essence helps you relax at the mental level, makes you more patient and makes bad experiences do not hamper your self-esteem. Its scent helps to welcome true love, free from jealousy.

2. An aid against depression

Rose essential oil is a real help against sadness and depression . To raise your mind you must use it in an ambient diffuser in order to spread the smell throughout the environment where you spend most of your time.

3. In pregnancy

Still on the olfactory level, the essence of rose is a panacea for the pregnant woman because it gives both physical and mental support during the months of pregnancy but also during the birth phase.

4. Balance the hormones

The essence of rose is considered profoundly feminine. In fact, it intervenes on the hormonal system. If you suffer from very painful menstruation for example, you can dilute this oil in a carrier oil so that you can use it for local massages. Relieves pain but at the same time, inhaling the smell, irritability goes away. This is why you can also use it during the premenstrual period.

5. Relieves inflammation of the skin

An inflamed skin as it can be for example that acneica needs of targeted treatments that go to sfiammare, relieve the annoyances and the pains. Rose essence can be used diluted for this purpose. It is also good on sensitive skin such as couperose, or on dry skin on which it has both a preventive effect on wrinkles and toning. You can dilute it if you want it in sweet almond oil or in extra-virgin olive oil.