Apple cider is a product of yeast and apple combination. The primary function of yeast in this mixture is turning the sugars found in an apple into alcohol. With the addition of bacteria, the alcohol is fermented to form acetic acid, which constitutes about 6% of this vinegar. Acetic acid is a weak acid compared to its substitutes; however, it can easily depict acidic properties when concentrated. Apple cider vinegar is known to have numerous vitamins and other minerals that human beings can significantly benefit from. Other uses of apple cider vinegar today include hair cleaning, house cleaning, food preservation, and even skin quality improvement.

What are the health benefits associated with apple cider vinegar?

For decades back to back, generations have used apple cider vinegar for both cooking and medicinal purposes. As a home remedy, it is known to have numerous merits for human health. Studies suggest it could be a great addition to a weight loss diet. Read on below to ascertain the different benefits of apple cider vinegar today.

  • Killing bacteria

Pathogens and bacteria are highly vulnerable to apple cider vinegar. It is a product you can use to disinfect nail fungus, ear infections, and even lice and warts in some instances. In food preservation, vinegar deters the budding of bacteria and other microorganisms, helping maintain its freshness until it is ready for use.

  • Fighting diabetes

This is among the most common applications of apple cider vinegar in the medical industry. Type 2 diabetes effects can be managed by this vinegar. When on high carbohydrates meals, vinegar can help improve the level of insulin sensitivity in your body. It also consequently mitigates blood sugar, helping you keep healthy.

  • Develop your skin’s health

Eczema and other skin conditions like dryness can be fought using apple cider vinegar. Applying it generously on your skin levels the pH of your skin from acidic to normal, developing the skin barriers responsible for protection in the process. It is, therefore, a good product for face wash and toning purposes.

Side effects resulting from the use of apple cider vinegar

Like most products in the universe, apple cider vinegar has both pros and cons. The product has been a success in helping a number of problems, but a few side effects have been reported. Before diving into the details, overconsumption can be a major concern when users choose to surpass the recommended doses. Adhere to the recommended dosages to avoid some of the following side effects today.

  • Reduced appetite

You should also expect a few digestive complications after the consumption of apple cider vinegar. It is possible that one feels full for a long time after using apple cider vinegar. This disrupts eating patterns and tampers with the user’s appetite. Indigestion has been said to be the major cause of appetite loss when using this product.

  • Enamel erosion

Any acidic food has a high capability of damaging one’s teeth. Soft drinks like apple cider vinegar contain acidic components that erode the tooth enamel with time. Overdosing on apple cider vinegar may have detrimental effects on your dental health, including the massive erosion of your enamels.

  • Throat burns

Esophageal burns are common side effects in apple cider vinegar users. The acid found in this product is responsible for this gut burn may cause discomfort in extreme cases.

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