One of the trickiest, when getting a tattoo, is finding the right artist to work on it. With the many tattoo artists in Gold Coast choosing which one to hire may be hard and time-consuming. There are a lot of artists to hire, but just to make this nerve-racking task a bit easier, below are some ways you can use to make your search easier.


Tips on finding the best tattoo artist in Gold Coast


Consider online reviews and word of mouth

Ask around your friends and family who have tattoos or if none of them have any, let them ask some of their family and friends for referrals. Asking people you know can give you a better edge in choosing the best tattoo artist in the Gold Coast. And in case they do not have any good experience to share, at least you know who to cross out from your options. There is nothing more reliable than the feedback and experiences of people you know.

Another way to assess the capability of a tattoo artist is by reading online reviews. This may not be as accurate as the information you get from your family and friends as some are fabricated for marketing, yet reading them can also give you help you need in finding the best tattoo artist to hire. Do not trust anonymous reviewers, as most of the time, their reviews are fake and without basis.

Work images and portfolio

When you visit the artist, it is best if you ask them to show you their previous work. Look at the lines, shading, and the colour of their work. Blending colours are crucial in tattoos, and only experienced and expert ones can do this job perfectly.

Do you feel the excitement when looking at their tattoos? If yes, then he/she might be the best artist for you. If not, go to your next option.

Tip: Check out the Blackmarket Tattoo artists on the Gold Coast. Follow their Facebook account, Instagram, or other social network accounts, as you will not only find here tattoos they worked on but also people they have worked on, which you can contact for feedback.


There are some awards up for grabs on the Gold Coast for tattoo artists, and knowing if they receive any is a good way to assess their expertise in this field. But just so you know, artists who receive numerous awards may be very busy and always booked, hence if you decide to get inked by them book yours as early as possible.

Also, their popularity and excellence in this field made them deserving to ask for higher rates. Needless to say, a tattoo is a spot of permanent ink on your body, so price should not matter as much.

Their studio

Make sure that the studio of the tattoo artist you wish to work with is clean, hygienic, and just a few miles away from your home. Along with their studio, you also need to consider the people they are working with, those who shave hair, put ointment, welcome you in the shop, and so on. The ambiance of the shop where your tattoo will be done is necessary to consider if you are planning to get inked.

There are a lot of tattoo artists in Gold Coast to hire, and following the guidelines above can help you spot on the best one.